Single Wafer for Power IC Technology

As a consequence of the wafer handling, deposition, etch, & photolithography process steps, submicron particles and other contaminants deposit onto the wafers, both front-side and back-side, and need to be removed prior to critical deposition steps. NAURA Akrion’s SAQUA series 300mm single wafer cleaning tool offers Power IC manufacturers a multi-chamber production tool with high cleaning selectivity and efficiency at the smallest particle size.

Power ICs control the conversion of electric power from one form to another. They are the intermediary between a Source (generates power) and a Load (consumes power). Power ICs serve as either a switch (MOSFET, IGBT & BJT) or a rectifier (diodes & thyristors) and can be manufactured from a variety of materials to include silicon, silicon carbide or gallium nitride with several promising compound semiconductor materials in the wings. Today, we all rely on Power ICs for everyday life essentials such as cellphone, tablet and laptop chargers to portable battery packs to hybrid vehicles. Applications are rapidly expanding in the energy (Photovoltaic, Grid, Wind), transportation (Rail, Automotive, Ships), consumer markets. The increasing capabilities of Power ICs to handle higher voltages, currents and frequencies with reduced power loss is rapidly expanding adoption in multiple new fields.

SAQUA Single Wafer System

The SAQUA Series of 300 mm single-wafer cleaning system utilizes single wafer, precisely controlled spin-spray wet cleaning technology to remove a variety of post metal etch particles and byproducts.