PVD for R&D

Akrion Technologies offers an expandable PVD (physical vapor deposition) tool that deposits a wide variety of metal and oxide target materials with excellent film quality including through silicon via structures. The Polaris product offer optional degas and preclean chambers along with the PVD modules and can accommodate up to 6 process modules.

The microelectronics industry has always and will continue to move forward at a technology pace that is almost unmatched by any other industry, as demonstrated by Moore’s Law. Tomorrow’s products, be they personal, industrial, or military need to get smaller, faster, more energy efficient and/or provide more capabilities, while being less expensive to manufacture. The technology for these innovations may come from individuals, universities, government/industry funded research and development labs, or commercial R&D departments. Despite the source, they all need process equipment that offers them leading edge process capabilities, usually with a reduced capacity demand, footprint and capital cost.

POLARIS G620 Physical Vapor Deposition System

Polaris G620 is a fully automated general PVD sputtering system that supports a wide variety of applications and materials. It has a flexible chamber configuration around a single transfer module and can be configured with up to six modules.