Join Akrion Systems Technologists at UCPSS

Join Akrion Systems Technologists at UCPSS

Allentown, Pa., September 5, 2012 – – Members of Akrion Systems’ process technology group authored or co-authored five papers that will be presented at the 11th International Symposium on Ultra Clean Processing of Semiconductor Surfaces (UCPSS) in ICC Ghent, Belgium. The conference will take place on the 16th through the 19th of September, 2012.

Dr. Ismail Kashkoush, Vice President of Applications and Process Technology, will give two oral presentations. The first, “How to overcome the effects of silicon build-up during solar cell wet chemical processing” discusses Akrion’s method for maintaining uniform texturization processing by monitoring and controlling the constituents of the process bath. The process includes a bleed and feed method to keep silicate build-up under control. This process makes consistent, uniform processing possible and has the added benefit of extending bath life for increased system uptime.

Dr. Kashkoush’s second paper, “Optimized wet processes and PECVD for high efficiency solar cells” discusses the necessity to tune the texturization process for high efficiency solar cells based upon the PECVD deposition step that follows it. The experiments demonstrated that uniform texturization and pyramid size along with efficient cleaning maximizes cell performance.

Dr. Kashkoush will also deliver a poster presentation of a paper written by members of Akrion Systems’ technology staff that investigates the use of DI water containing dissolved carbon dioxide to eliminate megasonic damage while maintaining the high particle removal efficiency required for leading edge semiconductor device manufacturing. The title of the paper is, “CO2-dissolved water cleans for 2xnm-node silicon devices in a single wafer megasonic system.”

H.S. Sohn, the Director of Single Wafer Process Technology and one of the authors of the above mentioned paper, also co-authored two other papers written by technologists from Hanyang University in Korea. Mr. Jin-Goo Park of the department of Bio-nano Technology and Materials Engineering at Hanyang, will make oral presentations of papers entitled “Evaluation of very dilute alkaline solutions for wafer cleaning with megasonic irradiation,” and “Acoustic cavitation behavior in surface active solute added cleaning solutions.”

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