Furnaces for Digital IC Technology

Akrion Technologies’ complete product line of vertical, FLOURIS, furnaces for digital IC manufacturers provide diffusion, oxidation, annealing & alloying capabilities for substrate sizes from 100 – 200 mm. The FLOURIS offers advanced process control and safety features to meet today’s challenging requirements all supported on a modern, sustainable platform.

The Digital IC (integrated circuit) market, largely composed of the largest IC manufacturers of memory, microprocessor, logic and foundry companies, is recognized as one of the most technically challenging markets in microelectronics. Modeled by the traditional “Moore’s Law”, Digital IC manufacturers are constantly pushing the limits in reducing feature size to new limits by introducing new device structures, novel materials and new methods.

FLOURIS 201 Anneal/Oxidation Vertical Furnace

 FLOURIS 201 Vertical Furnace

FLOURIS 201 Vertical Furnace

The FLOURIS 201 Vertical Anneal/Oxidation Furnace provides medium and high temperature annealing or oxidation of 200 mm silicon wafers for advanced IC devices. Based upon Naura’s popular 300 mm THEORIS 302, the FLOURIS 201 provides 200 mm fabs with the same reliability and process control in the growth of silicon dioxide films for buffer dielectric, sacrificial oxide, and gate oxide layers in front-end of line processing.