eVictor GX20 Physical Vapor Deposition System

System Overview
eVictor GX20 is a fully automated general PVD sputtering system that supports a wide variety of applications and material in a high capacity platform. It has a flexible chamber configuration around dual transfer modules and can be configured with up to ten modules.

Substrate Size:
Technology Markets:
Process Modules:
Deposit material:

150 mm, 200 mm
IC, Power IC, MEMS, LED and Advanced Packaging
Up to 10*
Cu, Ti, Ta, Al, AlSi, AlCu, Ni, NiV, Ag, Au, TiW, SiO2, Mo, Si, Ir, Hf, Pt, ITO, SiO2, TiO2, HfO2, Ta2O5, TaOx, TiN, TaN

*See the Polaris G620 for lower capacity requirements


  • Metal films
  • Oxide films
  • Through silicon via deposition
Production Advantages
  • Excellent temperature and particle control
  • High target utilization rate and low operating costs
  • Optimized software algorithms and process recipes provide higher throughput and lower cost of operation
  • Dual vacuum transfer modules
  • Flexible chamber configuration with up to ten process modules, including Degas, Preclean and PVD
  • Manual or SMIF load lock ports