Wet Batch Immersion for Analog IC Technology

Analog IC manufacturers must drive the cost per yield down to the lowest levels by maximizing line/tool set flexibility, yield, capacity, and utilization. Process tools need to have extended lifetimes with support from OEMs to retrofit with the latest technologies or possibly a larger substrate size. Akrion Technologies’ fully automated and customizable GAMA and the compact, semi-automated V3 batch immersion tools are well suited for the production of Analog IC technology.

Analog ICs (integrated circuits) condition and regulate “real world” functions such as temperature, speed, sound and electrical current. Unlike a digital IC that processes discrete levels of voltage (i.e., ON/OFF), Analog ICs process voltage/current that varies continuously (i.e., an analog signal). Analog ICs are used in a variety of applications such as operational amplifier (op-amp), comparator, clock/timer, analog-to-digital convertor (ADC), digital-to-analog convertor (DAC), sensor, and power management (usually referred to as Power ICs). While the feature sizes and line widths of Analog ICs are not as densely-packed as a typical Digital IC, the manufacturing challenges are no less demanding.

GAMA Batch Immersion System

The GAMA Series automated wet station is a flexible, modular system suitable for a wide variety of cleaning, etching and stripping applications for bare & reclaimed silicon wafers, IC devices, MEMS and photomasks.

V3 Compact Batch Immersion System

V3 Compact Batch Immersion System offering either dry-to-dry or dry-to-wet processing with low exhaust requirements, few facility connections and easy maintenance access, while maintaining as much as a 20 percent footprint reduction over comparable tool sets. The V3 robot is designed to accommodate 150 mm or 200 mm wafers in standard cassettes for IC devices; alternate cassettes allow other materials to be processed using the standard robot arm. Suitable for R&D labs and applications.