Wafer Manufacturers

silicon wafer processing

Bare Wafer Cleaning and Wafer Reclaim

NAURA Akrion has a large number of wet cleaning systems installed at wafer manufacturing sites, including producers of both new and recycled silicon wafers.

Process Solutions


Silicon Wafer Manufacturers

Applications for wafer manufacturers include defect removal, de-bonding, final cleaning, pre-epi cleaning, pre-thermal cleaning, de-waxing, etc. Our advanced front-end-of-line cleaning utilizing ozonated de-ionized water provides metal signature performance is very good with values around < 2 E10 (Fe, Zn, Ca, Mg, Cu); < 5 E10 (Al).

Wafer Reclaim Service Providers

GAMA wet stations, using i-Clean in situ technology removes the bulk of defects for “good” recycled wafers. GAMA i-Clean defect removal followed by Velocity single wafer cleaning produces recycled wafers with defect counts as low as prime wafers.