Process Development & Pilot Lines

V3 Solar

V3-Solar Process Development Tool

Our V3-Solar is an inexpensive, flexible tool to facilitate your process development needs while providing a small footprint, lower cost, and low throughput tool to develop leading edge solar processes.

Features & Benefits

  • Semi-automated platform – up to 3 tanks per robot with 25 or 50 wafer lots
  • Small process tanks and reduced chemical consumption with integrated chemical blending, dosing and no required external cabinets
  • Ability to monitor and control all key process parameters
  • Windows® operating system and comprehensive SECS GEM Interface that allows key process parameter monitoring
  • CE and UL Certified with reliability >1000 hours MTBF (per SEMI E10-96)
  • Includes startup by a NAURA Akrion process engineer
  • Integrated dryer (optional)
  • Chemical monitoring and closed-loop control systems(optional)
  • FM compliant materials of construction(optional)
  • Processes developed on the V3 Solar Platform are easily transferable to the GAMA production platform

GAMA-Solar for Pilot Lines

The platform is ideally suited for supporting low volume pilot production lines. A single tool can be easily configured to address multiple process steps. The GAMA’s flexible software allows for multiple recipes, multiple uses of process tanks, and process times that vary by recipe. An example of this is a tool shown below that could be used for Alkaline Texturization, Isotexture (acidic texturization), and PSG Etch and Clean.

Top View Drawing

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