Multicrystalline Texturization

Multicrystalline Wafers

Application: Remove damage created in the sawing process, texturize the wafer surface and prepare the wafers for diffusion.

The process uses base solution for particle removal and acids for controlled etching and texturization and for ionic contamination removal.

Use an alkaline pre-treatment solution to remove organic contamination and particles from the wafer surface to improve texturization uniformity.
Acidic solution eliminates damage (small cracks) from sawing process that if not eliminated would reduce the amount of energy that is outputted from the cell.

Create small bumps on the wafer to reduce the amount of light that is reflected off of the wafer surface.
Alkaline solution removes the porous silicon generated from the above acidic texturization step.
Final clean step removes metal impurities and oxide to maximize minority carrier lifetime and sheet resistance to yield higher cell efficiency.
Saw Damage
Removal/Texturization multicrystalline wafer cleaningclick for full-size image
Top View Drawing process station for multicrystalline wafers
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Additional Solar Applications:

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