GAMA-Solar Platform

gama solar cell manufacturing

Proven Product Platform: GAMA-Solar

The high volume solar cell manufacturing is based on the robust GAMA platform for semiconductor devices. It utilizes the same software, control system, modular architecture and process automation, adapted to meet the specialized needs for solar processing including multiple robots to support high-throughput applications.



  • Throughput up to 3000 wafers per hour – dependant on tool configuration
    and process recipe
  • Reliability > 1000 hours MTBF
    (per SEMI E10-96)  
  • Wafer Breakage < 0.02%
  • CE and UL Certified
  • Standard Wafer Sizes – 125, 150 and 156mm 
  • Wafer thickness 150-300 microns


  • 200 wafer lots (in two 100-wafer carriers) – compatible
    with most industry standard process carriers
  • Recirculated and temperature controlled process baths with re-circulation
    loops of < 120 liters
  • Integrated UPS system to protect product in case of power outage
  • Integrated chemical blending, dosing
  • Bleed and feed capabilities for extending bath life
  • Ability to monitor and control all key process parameters
  • Hot Water & Air Dryer
  • Multifunction rinse tanks recipe-programmable for cascade overflow,
    spray bars and quick dump capabilities
  • Windows® XP Operating System with comprehensive SECS GEM interface allowing recipe selection, product tracking and monitoring of all key process parameters
  • Equipment is designed for easy maintenance/servicablity


  • Chemical monitoring and closed-loop control systems
  • Automated loading/unloading – transfer from stack box to process carrier
  • FM Compliant Materials of construction
  • DI Water Reclaim valves
  • Tank to tank cascade rinsing
  • Rinse to resistivity
  • Bulk chemical supply systems
  • Mini-Environment
  • Recirculating rinse tanks
  • Local chemical dispense systems
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