Advanced Solar Process Applications

NAURA Akrion’s Advanced Solar Process Applications

Our extensive semiconductor applications experience has proven to be very valuable for developing high efficiency solar cells. Advanced processes produce silicon interface properties significantly better than that of traditional cells before deposition and coating steps resulting in higher efficiency.

NAURA Akrion has the advanced capabilities available to help provide this level of quality including:

  • Controlling the environment to produce hydrophobic wafers with an extremely clean surface
  • Surface Tension Gradient Drying eliminates the watermarks/stains left behind
    by the traditional hot air drying process
  • Particle and contamination removal with megasonics
  • Uniform and controlled texturization processes through precise control of
    critical process parameters
  • Conditioning of a texturized surface to smooth out pyramids improving deposition
  • Superior metal removal capability to achieve extremely high device lifetimes

Advanced Cleaning for Better Performance

advanced cleaning
Additional Solar Applications:

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