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Process and Equipment Solutions for Solar Cell Manufacturers using Crystalline Silicon

NAURA Akrion offers a full line of wet processing solutions to support the needs of solar cell manufacturers using crystalline silicon wafers. Our systems incorporate the technology and platforms that we have developed in 20 years of engineering over 1400 wet processing systems. We have taken this knowledge and developed equipment and process solutions specifically geared to the needs of solar cell manufacturers. Our philosophy is that we partner with our customers to provide unparalleled process and equipment support. Our staff of process engineers (with 100 combined years of wet process experience) will work with you to develop new processes, optimize your existing processes or solve problems with your existing line. This work can be done in our Allentown Class 1 Applications Laboratory which has the capability to process wafers in an automated system through all solar processing steps.
  • High throughput
  • Appropriate levels of cleanliness & controls
  • Low cost
This approach has lead to NAURA Akrion developing customized solutions for saw damage removal, texturization, cleaning and advanced surface shaping of advanced PV wafers including those used in heterojunction and other advanced cell designs. NAURA Akrion’s continuing work with heterojunction cells is an example of this approach. We have developed new processes to meet the unique requirements of these cell structures.

Process Solutions for Crystalline Solar Cell Manufacturers


Our systems include process control that extends bath life by controlling the concentration of the silicon in the process tank. We have also developed the ability to modify the texturization process to allow our customers to control the size of the pyramids over the course of the bath lifetime.

Very Low Metals Signature

Our advanced metals removal process will result in lower metals levels and much higher VOC measurements than industry standard processes.

Advanced Surface Conditioning

Some of the more leading edge cell designs require special modifications to the wafer surface in order to maximize cell performance. NAURA Akrion has the experience and capabilities to provide solutions that will work not only in a development environment but in high volume manufacturing.

Let us provide a manufacturing process best suited to your current and future needs.

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