IC Manufacturers

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Process and Equipment Solutions for Integrated Circuit Manufacturers

Integrated circuits (IC) are found in devices used in nearly every aspect of modern life. From business machines to cooking to entertainment, IC devices provide power and control. The vast variety of these devices makes flexible process solutions a necessity and NAURA Akrion specializes in providing this flexibility. We currently work with many of the world’s leading manufacturers of products containing integrated circuits. NAURA Akrion has solutions for IC manufactures ranging from logic and memory devices at the most advanced nodes to analog device manufacturers working at 0.5µm design rules.

You can rely on our team of material/chemical scientists (with 100 combined years of experience) to develop, refine and perfect the sophisticated wet processes required to make your most advanced products.

Depending on your particular needs in terms of throughput, feature size and defect level, NAURA Akrion has equipment that includes:

The Velocity single wafer platform uses controlled physical forces for removing nano-sized defects with high cleaning efficiency, repeatable performance and low material loss. The company’s line of versatile single wafer platforms, including the Mach2HP, Mach2MP and Velocity platforms are installed in leading edge fabs worldwide.

The GAMA wet station series is a proven performer with hundreds of systems installed worldwide. A modular, flexible platform allows highly customized processes to meet the most demanding criteria. The system adapts to applications for both front-end-of-line and back-end-of-line process steps and accepts a wide variety of substrate materials. GAMA features closed loop process control to ensure consistent high quality to promote high yields for all wafer sizes.

V3 is the next generation of Semi-Automatic wet benches targeted to meet the needs of Semiconductor and MEMS companies who need the process capability, recipe flexibility, equipment reliability, company support and knowledge to back up a successful installation of the product. The system is particularly well suited to R&D and process development and for low volume manufacturing.

Sample Process Solutions

Critical Pattern Cleaning

The Velocity single wafer platform’s new High Frequency front side megasonics reduce or eliminate damage while maintaining high PRE on devices with 2x feature sizes. Coupling this megasonic with gas-injected functional water enhances capabilities even further.

Particle Removal

NAURA Akrion has a broad product line for removal of residue and defects. The Velocity single wafer platform provides cleaning efficiency near 100% on devices in the 45 nm node using the standard Goldfinger front-side megasonic rod. The GAMA wet station is a proven performer for pre-diffusion and pre-gate cleans on devices utilizing features as small as 65 nm, while the V3 is available for low volume manufacturing of devices at the 180 nanometer process node.

Oxide Etching/Stripping

ICE-1™ controls chemical efficiency to assure controlled and uniform etching and stripping. GAMA systems utilize traditional HDA solvents as well as aqueous solutions for photo resist stripping.

Backside Wafer Cleaning

Velocity single wafer systems with backside megasonics provide pre-lithography cleans of the back side and bevel edge of the wafer and also allow concurrent cleaning to the front and back sides of a wafer with PRE over 85% for both sides.