V3 Systems

wet bench processing

The Compact, Automated V3

V3 product design offers dry-to-dry processing, low exhaust requirements, few facility connections and easy maintenance access, while maintaining as much as a 20 percent footprint reduction over comparable tool sets.

The V3 robot is designed to handle solar silicon and 150 or 200mm wafers in standard cassettes for IC devices; alternate cassettes allow other materials to be processed using the standard robot arm. It is particularly well suited to MEMS cleaning and etching applications.

V3 Features:

  • Small footprint batch-immersion system (S2/S8/FM/CE compliant) — dry-to-dry process
  • 3 position, 2 axis rotary robot for accurate placement
  • Interlocked pull-out electrical cabinet for easy access; full vertical access rear or front plumbing maintenance access
  • Windows 2000 O/S, SECSII & GEM interface standard; ethernet based I/O & communication for reliable operation
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI); automatic computer controlled operation
  • Full scheduling; data-logging

Safety Features

  • LED stack light with audible alarm
  • Ergonomic color LCD monitor, keyboard & pointing device
  • Interlocked automatic shield and easily accessed EMO/EPO buttons
  • Advanced seismic bracing and rack-mounted components
  • Easy reach distribution valving and plumbing accessibility
  • Rear access leak detection
  • UL 489 Rated Main Disconnect Switch
  • FM 4910 Materials of Construction