Bpure Series Quartz Boat/Tube Cleaner

Bpyre Tube/Boat Cleaner

Parts Cleaning Expertise

To ensure the purity of the process, after processing a certain number of wafers, the quartz tube and the quartz boat must be taken out of the furnace and cleaned. Quartz tubes, quartz boats and related parts are inherently very fragile, and their cleaning must be tailored to the requirements of the specific process,

Application Field

  • Integrated circuit, advanced packaging, photovoltaic

Applicable Process

  • Cleaning of quartz boat/tube, quartz plate, ignition gun, thermal insulation barrel, etc.

Production Advantages

  • The process results are highly consistent and ensure a cleansing effect
  • Stable operation, uptime ≥ 99%, reducing maintenance costs
  • Hierarchical safety interlock settings ensure safe and reliable equipment.
  • Good air-tightness ensures the safety of the working environment and operators
  • Professional layout, small footprint
  • The process is fully automated
  • Recipe is flexible and convenient to edit and supports parallel processes
  • Suitable for cleaning multiple sizes of parts
  • Multi-purpose machine, compatible with quartz boat/tube cleaning.
  • Independent research and development control system, friendly human-computer interaction interface
  • Non-standard equipment can be customized according to customer needs