Saqua Single Wafer System

Saqua Single Wafer System

Advanced Single Wafer Processing

In the manufacturing process of integrated circuits, such as film formation, CMP, and etching processes, the surface of the wafer has ultrafine particles, metal residues, and organic residues left in the previous process. These particles or residues may contaminate the wafer and reduce chip yield.. rate.

For future technological developments, there is a further need for damage control of fine patterns caused by capillary forces and surface tension during drying after cleaning. These requirements pose further challenges to the cleaning and drying technology while ensuring the cleaning effect. The Saqua series of 12-inch single-wafer cleaners use a single wafer rotary wet cleaning technology. This equipment has technologies such as good cleaning selectivity and high cleaning efficiency, including chemical liquid protection system, pipeline anti-static system, and megasonic system. The residue is selectively cleaned without damaging the structure of the product itself.

Application Field

  • Integrated circuit, advanced packaging, MEMS

Applicable Process

  • Front process: pre / post film cleaning, gate cleaning, silicide cleaning, chemical mechanical planarization cleaning, standard RCA cleaning
  • After-process: cleaning after via etching, cleaning after trench etching, cleaning after liner removal, passivation layer cleaning

Production Advantages

  • The chemical recovery rate is >99.5%.
  • A separate chemical protection system reduces the rate of corrosion of the liquid to the metal
  • Novel back protection technology
  • Multitasking parallel processing system
  • Advanced megasonic cleaning technology
  • Corrosion non-uniformity < 1%.
  • Liquid chemical ratio real-time control technology
  • Particle removal efficiency >99%
  • Effective piping limits static
  • Real time wafer protection system