Pinnacle Cassetteless Wet Station


Fully Automated Cassetteless Wet Station

Designed for the most cutting-edge devices, the Pinnacle wet station utilizes the most advanced wafer handling to assure the best process results for manufacturers of integrated circuits, MEMS and advanced packaging.

The system inherits the company’s vast experience in designing advanced process equipment for more than 25 years and incorporates innovative handling capabilities required for 21st century device manufacturing.

Pinnacle is designed to meet the most stringent process requirements.

Applicable Process

  • All cleaning, etching and stripping applications

Platform Advantages

  • All the capabilities of the Bpure and GAMA wet stations PLUS
  • Cleaning and etching for advanced process nodes
  • Advanced wafer handling with carrier-less automation
  • Multi robot capable with clean/dirty active gripper (50 wafer lot)
  • In tank product lifters
  • Multi-tank plenum design
  • Modular compact design, easily serviceable
  • Facilities area is contained inside the tool with no connections outside the tool boundary
  • High throughput, low COO
  • Real time tracking of chemicals, water, gases, etc.
  • Real time monitoring of consumable parts for PM schedule to achieve highest uptime
  • Single point facilities connections for incoming gas and liquids