GAMA and i-Clean Automated Wet Stations

GAMA wet bench

Wet Processing Solutions

The GAMA Series automated wet station is a flexible, modular system suitable for a wide variety of cleaning, etching and stripping applications for bare & reclaimed silicon wafers, solar cells, IC devices, MEMS and photomasks.

Proven Platform

  • Modular System Design/Build with High Reliability (>1500 Hours MTBF-SEMI E10-96)
  • Small Footprint & Lowest Annual Consumable Parts Cost
  • High Throughput & Low COO (Cost/Wafer)
  • Common Platform: 150-300mm wafer sizes and Bridge Tool: IC’s, Solar Cells, Masks, Wafers & MEMS
  • i-Clean in situ module reduces air interfaces, greatly reduces footprint

Platform Technologies Available

  • ICE-1™: In-Line Concentration Control (DHF, SC1, SC2 & DIO3)
  • i-Clean in situ Modules, Dual (Process & Rinse) Modules
  • DIO3™ (Organic Removal & Surface Conversion)
  • Combination Process Tools: Nitride Etch +Resist Strip & Resist +Ti Strip
  • Tanks sized for optimal flow dynamics


  • SMIF, FOUP, Stocker & Overhead Transfer Options Available
  • SEMI S2, SEMI S8, FM4910 and CE Safety Compliance
  • Throughput and Facility Simulation/Modeling
  • Class M1 Mini-environment Enclosure
  • Turbo Phaser Megasonics
  • Multiple Lot / Multiple Recipe Processing (> 5 recipes)
  • High Selectivity Nitride Etch
  • Robust AKS v6 Software on Windows 2000 Platform

Advanced FOUP Automation Features

  • 25 wafer FOUP interface
  • Auto calibration feature for carrier loading and auto notch finder
  • Throughput: up to 250 wph (500 wph total); “Iron Man” field tested: 250,000 wafer transfers
  • Face-to-face loading for AFEOL Clean
  • Edge Grip Handling (no vacuum); separate handlers for “Dirty” and “Clean”
  • Optional: FOUP stocker & Overhead Transfer (OHT)