MEMS Manufacturers

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Process & Equipment Solutions for MEMS Manufacturers

Microelectronic mechanical systems (MEMS) are found throughout our everyday life. Key areas are smart phones, display technologies, gaming systems, medical and scientific instruments, accelerometers for automobile airbags and ink jet print heads.

These tiny machines require some of the same microelectronic processes as CMOS devices but also have their own distinctive processing requirements. NAURA Akrion has been providing enabling solutions for these MEMS specific processes for over a decade. One area of focus for us has been the development of technologies that allow wet chemistry to replace steps traditionally done dry. This results in reduced process costs and enhanced yields. Our yield enhancing equipment includes the Velocity single wafer system as well as GAMA and V3 batch immersion stations. Below are some examples of the process challenges and NAURA Akrion’s solutions for them.

Micromachining (Silicon Etching)

This is typically done with KOH or TMAH to etch structures into silicon wafers. NAURA Akrion has the expertise to control all of the critical process parameters needed to produce uniform and repeatable etch profiles. This includes controlling not only the chemical concentrations, process temperatures, and flow rates but also the levels of silicates in the process tank. Another critical factor is managing the impact of H2 gas bubbles masking the etch surface.

Deep Feature Cleaning

Contamination removal from deep structures is critical for MEMS device manufacturing. Vacuum priming provides a uniform application of chemical and water for high aspect ratio structures and megasonics help to drive chemicals into these deep structures to ensure effective processing.


MEMS devices present unique drying challenges. NAURA Akrion has a number of solutions specifically designed for drying MEMS wafers efficiently. These include solutions for stiction-free drying, drying deep high aspect ratio features and drying wafers with large cavities.