Velocity Single Wafer System

single wafer chamber

Defectivity Improvement

The Velocitysingle wafer product line is focused on improving defectivity. This includes removal of particle and residue contamination from the wafer frontside, backside and edge.

Defects are removed without physical damage to sensitive structures and without film etching. This is accomplished using advanced physical clean technologies – Goldfinger Megasonics, Jetstream Nano and Backside Megasonics.

Watermark-free performance is available with Sahara dry.

The Velocity is available in 4 or 6 chamber versions, each with stacked chambers to minimize footprint. The technology and platform are used for particle removal (post deposition, sensitive structures, backside and post post CMP) and post etch/ash (FEOL and BEOL) applications.


  • 4 or 6 chamber versions
  • Stacked chamber design for reduced footprint and simplified robotics
  • Throughput >250wph for particle removal applications
  • 300mm, 200mm or bridge tool
  • Technology configured (Goldfinger megasonics, Jetstream Nano, Backside Megasonics, Sahara Dry) by application
  • Chemical configured (dilute SC1/NH4OH, acid, solvent) by application
  • Independent or simultaneous frontside and backside processing


Particle Removal

Defectivity improvement for traditional and advanced scrubber applications.

  • Sensitive structures, typically post etch – STI, gate stack, BEOL dielectric trench, Al lines
  • Backside cleans, including prelithography processes
  • Post deposition – oxide, poly, nitride, metal
  • Post post CMP – final clean after integrated CMP clean

BEOL Post Etch/Ash

Improved performance by adding physical and drying technology to traditional chemical-only applications.

  • For Al interconnects – DSP and other chemicals for post Al and via etch
  • For Cu interconnects – semiaqueous solvents and dilute acid mixtures for via and trench level cleans

FEOL Post Ash

Enhanced residue and particle removal by adding physical technology.

  • Post STI etch
  • Gate stack cleans – post etch and implant/ash


Goldfinger® Megasonics (patented)

  • Sensitive structure cleaning without damage
  • Small particle removal (even below 35nm)
  • No or little chemical etching during particle removal
  • Recessed feature cleaning
  • Improved rinsing
  • Enhanced residue removal

JetStream-Nano™ (patents pending)

  • Mixed fluid technology
  • Can combine with megasonics for additional cleaning
  • Fast physical clean process for multiple step recipe

Backside Megasonics (patents pending)

  • Provides high efficiency backside particle removal
  • Can target backside only or combined front/back clean

Sahara® Dry (patented)

  • Based on Rotagoni concept
  • Watermark-free dry for critical FEOL and BEOL Cu applications