Legacy Wet Benches

Pre-engineered enhancements ensure a long lifetime for your batch-immersion process needs with legacy wet benches. Our Boise and Reutlingen teams include experienced design and service engineers.  

AWP Series

AWP wet benches are configurable for nearly all clean, etch, strip & solvent applications:

  • Available for both 200mm and 300mm wafer processing
  • Fully integrated superior Marangoni® drying technology as standard
  • High throughput due to dual dryer capability and advanced scheduler
  • Lowest COO based on extended bath life with concentration control and spiking
  • Field proven robust performance and reliability with more than 300 tools installed
  • Typical field data (US, Europe, Asia): 96% uptime
  • Reliable software with functional host interface for high flexibility

E200 Series

The E200 is a modular, linear wet bench offering both traditional and innovative surface preparation solutions:

  • Configurations are available for RCA cleans, Nitride Etch and Photoresist Strip applications
  • DynaFlow rinse tanks designed for DI water savings and optimized rinsing efficiency
  • GreenDry™ dryers-  rinsing and drying in one tank in less than 10 minutes as well as chemical injection for surface conversion and critical etch in “true” HF Last processes

The E200 software platform (System 4000XT) blends station control software with internet technologies enabling improved productivity and ease of use:

  • “Log-in” remotely without the need for a third party application
  • Manage the tool without the need to interrupt wafer processing

9400 Series

The 9400’s standardized modular design allows the tool to be quickly and easily customized, upgraded and serviced.  Each module is just 31 inches wide and typically contains a process tank, a rinse tank and all plumbing and electrical hardware:

  • Exclusive reduced DI water and process chemical consumption design
  • Qualified to 0.25m technology fab fab production
  • Capable of processing up to two hundred 150mm or 200mm wafers at a time
  • SEMI S2 compliance
  • In situ HF and SC1 concentration monitoring and control
  • Third-party certified mini-environment (better than Metric Class 1)
  • SMIF, AGV and manual load/unload options
  • IPA or SRD drying technology