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velocity chamber

NAURA Akrion is the technology leader in process development, design and construction of flexible batch immersion & single wafer surface preparation equipment, including the V3 and GAMA series, to the semiconductor and other related industries.

The company’s extensive product line includes both single wafer and batch immersion systems and components. The single-wafer product line includes the Velocity6 and Velocity4systems. These tools are used for a wide variety of applications for both front- and back-end-of-line cleaning. NAURA Akrion’s single wafer cleaning technology is focused on providing controlled physical forces to lower defectivity to increase process windows for your next generation needs.

Batch-immersion wet stations include the GAMA Series of automated surface preparation systems for bare and reclaimed semiconductor wafers, photomasks and MEMS. NAURA Akrion also provides tools, enhancements and support for SCP E200/9400 and “Steag AWP” wet benches.