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akrion systems officeNAURA Akrion is a leading supplier of advanced wafer surface preparation solutions used in the fabrication of microelectronic devices. The customized equipment, software & process solutions we develop enable our customers to achieve their unique R&D/production targets on 150/200/300mm substrates, whether bare or patterned, for the precise removal of microcontaminants or bulk films.

Geographically, NAURA Akrion supports multiple operations worldwide and maintains applications laboratories to provide total customer support and process solutions. Our thorough knowledge of project management, equipment design, manufacturing, and process requirements help you find the most economical process and product platform for your application.

The entire focus of our company is centered on providing our customers with optimal process solutions supported by reliable product platforms.

With a primary focus on customer satisfaction, NAURA Akrion is committed to an organization-wide continuous improvement program. The program is implemented through cross functional teams, which have been established to carry out the improvement of key process steps and customer driven product enhancements. Quantitative metrics measures the performance and success of improvements. Disciplined process management has also allowed NAURA Akrion to offer significantly reduced installation times and provide world-class product reliability.

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